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Arcee curled into a tighter ball. She hated planets with atmospheres. Well, she hated entering planets with atmospheres. They tended to be quite beautiful once you landed, however.

She'd found the planet again in no time, remembering its location easily from the first time she'd seen it. Locating Optimus Prime's signal had been realatively easy as well, though the Autobots she could sense below seemed to be further away from the signal. She'd thought about this, then realized that Prime had most likely set up a designated landing area for any incoming bots.

Then she'd located an Earth satelite, deciding she wanted to update her information on the planet before entering it and making sure that if the inhabitants weren't supposed to see her she'd know about it.

Tapping into the feed it took her only moments to learn about the small world and its advancments since she'd been there last. She frowned to herself before launching herself towards the world. She wasn't sure what to think about the humans, they still seemed largey oblivious to the fact that they were far from being the only intelligent planet in the universe.

Breaking through the atmosphere, Arcee prepared herself for a landing. She quickly saw that Optimus had picked out a base in the desert, and a split second before she hit she sensed a good number of the human creatures surrounding it. Not given the time to wonder about this she struck the earth, the meteor-rock shell she'd surrounded herself with crumbling and smashing into dust. In a brand new crater she paused, running a self diagnostic, then slowly stretched and tested the air.

Sighing to herself she leaped out of the hole in the ground, running in place for a moment before bolting in a circle roughly a half mile in diameter. The sand here slowed her down slightly, but she could work with it. She sighed to herself, then turned to look at the humans. They looked like the military the human signals spoke so highly of, and a tall dark skinned male was walking over to her.

She turned to face him, canting her head and scanning the surroundings to see what their weapons were like.
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