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Arcee trudged up the walk after she'd spent her time guarding Jazz's post.

Her circuts burned from the stress she felt inside, but her spark had more or less gone numb, letting her think more clearly about her situation.

There really was no point in cutting herself off from the others just because she was in mourning. Obviously they had all gotten over the worst of it, she was just drawing the buisness out. She closed her eyes, then went back, turning her back on the monument.

Her spark seemed to start to ache again, but it was dull, and she could suppress the pain. She trudged back up to the fuel tank, filling up again before going towards the base. A scan told her that most of her teammates were hanging out in the hanger. She frowned, detecting Bee in there with the human, Sam. She'd hoped her friend would be by herself....

Frowning she slipped in, going into stealth mode till she reached the sleeping room. Then she bowed her head and climbed on a bed, curled around her knees.

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