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When Pinkbot's doped and Yellowbot's Hungover ((Co-written with Bumblebeemun))

Bee: *lays head beside her friend* High grade is evil

Arcee: *mumblemumble*painkillers're evil...*mumblegiggle*

Bee: I was talkign about Jazz's aft to /Dev/

Starforge: *blink back out of room8

Arcee: Silly...none're s'good as Forge's.

Bee: ..... No comment

Arcee: *giggle sigh*

Bee: Hangover... ow

Arcee: *wants to snuggle, too doped to figure out how to move*

Bee: *would proly say ow* Dev got drunk too

Arcee: why?

Bee: We were just tasting it....

Arcee: Riiiight. *giggle*

Bee: *whimper* No giggle

Arcee: *wisemumble* you need dope.

Bee: Like Ratchet's going to gimme any

Arcee: *sigh* gamme soo much... 'cause I won't stay still. stupid ol' bot, now I can't even snuggle! *megapout*

Bee: Snuggle.... *blush and hides face on the mat*

Arcee: *giggles* Bee n' Jazz, sittin' inna tree... K-I-S....*forgets her place*.... kissin' in a tree!

Bee: *ded of blush*

Arcee: I bet you got another sparkling. I bet you dooo, 'cause Jazz loves you that much. Mmhmm... you two kiss all the time. I know it.

Bee: Kissing doesn't make sparklings, you aft

Arcee: *makes a goofy face* Kissing makes you wanna make sparkling though, Bumblebutt.

Bee: Well we didn't

Arcee: Bet you did.

Bee: Nope

Arcee: Mmhmm. Honey's got a neeeew siblin'.

Bee: You can feel them when they're there, besides, they usually don't happen by accident.

Arcee: *sigh* I'm never gonna have one.

Bee: *looks at her 0_o* Howcome?

Arcee: *pout* Cause Forge is afraid of dumb ol' Ironhide an' I want one but his mom's in the way and I'm never gonna get one 'cause I'll be doped forever because of that @#%@#% fuel.

Bee: Dude... get married first!

Arcee: *megapout* He'll never wanna... that. He jus' kissin' me cause I'm small an' he can keep me trapped in his arms.

Bee: Ohslag! Who'd do it? Optimus is a chibi!

Arcee: *giggle* I'm confused again.

Bee: Right, you passed out before he came. Optimus is three foot tall and has the mind of a sparkling

Arcee: *blinklblink* Wh...what?

Bee: Optimus is a baby. But nobody's supposed to know. Non of the humans other than Sam and Mikaela

Arcee: Those two.... pfft. How do we unchibi him?

Bee: We don't. We have to wait for it to fade.

Arcee: .... I was right.

Bee: Maybe Jazz can do it?

Bee: Owait! Pastor Colt would!

Arcee: Paster Colt? Human? Doesn't know didley about how we roll....

Bee: he's got the authority to listen to your vows and say it's official. And he knows me 'n Honey.

Arcee: *sigh* Forge is too big.

Bee: For what?

Arcee: Me. I'm small. He traps me too easy. It's quite annoying, you know. The blockhead don't know the meaning of threats so I can't make him let go.

Bee: Show him your gun? We have energon again, so your bow will work.

Arcee: *pout* But I can't use it on him, and he knows it. Or he doesn't and just isn't afraid.

Bee: Do you love the guy?

Bee: And Jazz is smaller than me and I still can't get away from him when he's in glomp mode

Arcee: *sigh* I love him more'n anything. Not that I have a choice. He's a brat about it.

Bee: I'll chase him off if you want.

Arcee: Nah. I love him. I do. We should get married. We should get married tonight! You should get your human over here quick!

Bee: Dude, you're not healed enough for the other stuff yet anyway.

Arcee: *pout* Why not?

Bee: What do you mean?

Arcee: My sparkcase is fine. If Rachet would *projects into Rachet's head* //GET ME OFF THE DOPE!!!// *falls back and sighs, sleepy.* I just wanna marry him... I love him a lot. More than a lot. And it's scary outside now.

Bee: *blushing* You need all your systems focused on healing. That's why Ratch has you doped.

Arcee: *feels teary* I don't wanna focus on healing. I wanna marry Starforge.

Bee: Oh yeah, you don't know about Columbia yet, either, do you?

Arcee: *blink*

Bee: Ratchet and Dev have a brand new daughter

Arcee: .....

Arcee: He's hurt! And now he's got a daughter?? //NOT FAIRRRR!!!!//

Bee: They fixed him. And Dev was carrying Columbia around before the guys and I went on the supply run.

Arcee: That's unfair. That's really really unfair. He married when he was hurt too!

Bee: ....0_o

Ratchet: //I also didn't have to carry the sparkling and strain my systems.//

Bee: *once more ded of blush*

Arcee: //You're a horrible old fogey. I want off the dope. I want off now! I wanna marry Starforge n' get my After going.//

Ratchet: //If you keep making so much noise I'll knock you out.//

Arcee: *sends continual static* //You can't do nuthin'. I'll make Forge kick your butt. And he can, too, 'cause he's big!//

Ratchet: *locks her out on all channels*

Bee: 0_o

Arcee: Horrible old fogey.... Bee can you call forge for me? Pretty please? With sugar? He has to know I won't marry him before he kicks Rachet's butt.

Bee: 0_o....

Arcee: *whine* Beeeeeee!!

Bee: I gotta go see what the kids're doing see you, Cee!

Bee: *scrambling up so quick she bangs her knee and says one of Jazz's favorite words*

Arcee: *whimper* Bee? Call Forge, please?

Bee: You can't blackmail him into beating Ratchet up, you'll traumatize Columbia and tick off Dev, and scare my kids, too

Arcee: *tries to shake head, makes vision go blurry* No.... I just don't wanna be alone.

Bee: *softly* Dude, Forge is always here

Arcee: I know. Can you call your human too? And just... have him ready to go?

Bee: It might take a little bit. He wanted to come and bring us some stuff, but his COs told him to stay away.

Bee: But I'll tell him

Arcee: *smiles* You're my bestest friend in the universe, Bee.

Bee: *wobbles* I'm your wasted friend in the universe.

Arcee: *tries the Jazz/Forge links* //Can you come save Bee?//

Starforge: *hurries in and gently scoops up the yellow femme, who has a hand over her optics and is making small sounds of pain*

Arcee: *worried* She needs Jazz

Starforge: Jazz's in a meetin' with Captin Lennox. I'll put 'er ta bed.

Arcee: kay... just... watch out for her till he gets back, please?

Bee: M'okay. Just... need to go offline a little. M'okay.

Starforge: Gotcha.

Bee: Watch my kids.

Starforge: Yes'm.

Arcee: *curls slightly* Watch out for her, baby.... //Then marry me?//

Starforge: *nearly drops Bee, then grins widely at Arcee and carries Bee out to put her to bed and go play with the sparklings.*

Arcee: *smiles and likes some of the effects of the dope.* //Thanks, old fogey. Been wanting to say that for a while.//
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